Friday, 5 February 2016

Vegan Items - February 2016

Very excited to see that Ikea's Vegetable Balls are now available in the frozen section near the checkout! I love them so much!!!! I wish I could buy online!

I saw this Two Faced: Better Than Sex vegan mascara being recommended online. I do really like it although it is slightly clumpy and even though it's not a waterproof mascara I have the same problem with getting it off as I did with Tarte Amazonian Clay Mascara. You do get good volume though! I bought mine at Sephora.

I am in love with Image Skincare! A totally vegan spa range. I love their Vital C which is amazing for facial products, smells like oranges and is fine for pregnancy woman. I particularly love this Prevention+ 32 SPF Moisturizer, it's so silky and not at all it smells amazing! I'm hooked! 

I know Butter London vegan nail polish isn't anything new but since I got my incredible bargain I thought I'd mention them again!

Saw this Vegan Egg Nog over Christmas by Califia Farms and it was delicious!

Bought these Hail Merry raw vegan chocolate mint tarts over Xmas but honestly didn't really enjoy them. Too bitter and raw for me!

My amazing brother and sister-in-law got me this amazing gift from Healthy Surprise. It's a vegan box of snacks that comes not just once but for THREE months in a row! So awesome!! My second delivery didn't come and I emailed their customer service and although they were quick to respond they still haven't sent the second one - it's two weeks late now :(

 I found some Amy's meals at Wholefoods that I hadn't seen before and although they didn't say all they were gluten or dairy free when I checked the ingredients list they definitely were vegan and gluten free! They were all pretty good, I mean they are frozen meals so that's the standard you have to expect but pretty good considering they are gluten free and vegan!


This may not be new but I got a we bit nostalgic when I saw vegan Neapolitan ice-cream by So Delicious - reminded of my childhood. Did anyone else's household end up with just the strip of vanilla in the tub? LOL

I have had Follow Your Heart vegan ranch but never tried the Honey Mustard. OMG so good!! t reminded me of a thicker version of Agave Mustard Salad Dressing.

I had never heard of this brand but I saw these Engine 2 vegetable based patties at Wholefoods. They were pretty delicious, they taste like vegetables, not meat but were very hearty.

I saw this Jackfruit Company at Wholefoods and got really excited but I was a little disappointed. The jack fruit was still in chunks and the sauce wasn't very tasty. Think I'll stick to making it myself! Recipe here!

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