Sunday, 15 July 2012

Vegan Hair Removal Wax

Over the weekend I road tested two vegan waxes I bought. Moom & Parissa, both I bought online, have many different hair removal products for men and women.

Parissa is a professional wax, worked perfectly, especially with shorter hairs on your legs. The strips they have in the packet to use work much better with their wax than the cotton strips I normally use. The only problem I had with Parissa is that it's a professional wax meaning you can't reuse the strips and the wax is a nightmare to get off your skin and your bathroom. You have to use oil to get it off which is messy in itself. The warm wax is completely vegan - their' other products contain beeswax.

Moom was definitely the one I will use again. It is all natural so washes off easily but still works great - similar to Nads which was my product of choice before I went vegan. I like that I can just use my cotton strips and wash the wax out. Much easier to clean the bathroom afterwards as well. This wax works a treat for bikini areas.

Next I am going to brave an attempt at sugaring...


  1. Thank you for this post. I'm so grateful to Mother Nature that there are vegan alternatives to bee wax strips...

  2. Parissa's salon wax is not vegan though :(

  3. You are absolutely right, it's not but their warm wax is and that's the only one I've used. Having said that I love Moom the best!

  4. Do you know if cerepil wax is vegan? I have a client asking and I can't find the answer anywhere

    1. Unfortunately I don't know but I would assume not. You can email the company and ask them though, most companies don't lie about that kind of thing :)