Sunday, 22 July 2012

CocoLuscious Ice-Cream

I have discovered a new vegan ice-cream at Taste Organic, Crows Nest. CocoLuscious ice-cream is made in Australia from coconut cream. I do love SoGood's Vanilla ice-cream but you do miss flavours and CocoLuscious has a range of flavours including Chai, Chocolate, Mint, Rasberry, Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough, Mexican Chocolate, Mango just to name a few. I picked Mint with Chocolate Chips because that was always my favourite flavour. It was pretty good. The peppermint flavour was subtle because the flavours are create with natural and organic ingredients and the coconut flavour was quite strong but still a lovely ice-cream. It's not the cheapest ice-cream but certainly worth it for a treat!

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