Friday, 29 April 2016

Newly Discovered Vegan Products - April 2016

 With my 10 week old baby I have't really been buying a lot of vegan processed foods - more living off Amy's vegan microwave meals but here are some I've accumulated over the last few months...

As scrambled eggs I found it a bit rubbery but mixed with vegan milk and cheese and used as an omelette and it was quite delicious!
Also worked very well in baking.

This Organic Ah!Laska Chocolate Syrup has probably been around for some time but I recently discovered it at Target. Vegan and organic it's a delicious chocolate syrup for choc milk or ice-cream sundaes!

I think I found these Engine 2 Plant Strong Patties at Wholefoods. I bought two types - this one is Tuscan Kale and While Bean. I think the other one has fennel. Both very delicious and hearty!

I've bought a few of Follow Your Heart dressings before but had never tried these too...Honey Mustard which was soooo good and Vegan Bleu Cheese which was great as a dipping sauce!

Discovered these Lucy's Vegan/Gluten Free cookies at the commissary on base. They are SO GOOD! I loved both flavors but the Chocolate Chip was my favourite. Nice and crunchy - perfect for dipping in my tea ;)

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