Monday, 18 September 2017

Vegan Products - September 2017

 Some vegan products I've used recently...

Maple Holistics sent me some of their lovely Argan Oil and Lavender Bubble Bath! All of their products are vegan except the organic honey.

I loved the argan oil! I'm an avid user of argan oil for my hair especially and sometimes on my face at night. Ever since I went shampoo free three years ago I only use a shampoo bar and argan oil. The argan oil really makes my hair feel soft and takes care of frizz. My hair has never looked or felt better and so much less maintenance!! Click here for free samples!

I loved the bubble bath, you could really smell the lavender but what I liked best was how concentrated it was. You really only need a teaspoon amount for an entire bath, so it lasts a long time!

Tried this new vegan GF Amy's Paella Bowl recently and it was pretty good actually. I really like Amy's frozen meals for situations where I'm not able to cook (in this instance it was staying with family escaping Hurricane Irma).

So I got these Tolerant Organic Red Lentil Rotini for $1 at a discount store (Solomon's Ventures for those in Jax, FL) and they didn't expire till next year so I thought I'd try them. LOVED THEM! They held together really well unlike a lot of rice and corn based GF pastas. I love that they include lentils so I feel good about my toddler eating them. Plus I saw them in Winn Dixie the other day for $6. Needless to say I raced back to the discount store to pick up a few more packets!

Picked these up at the same discount store...Gorilly Goods snack packs, each box was about $6 (around $30 normally). I really loved the Trail Mix! It had cocoa nibs which made it taste chocolately. I didn't love the Baja mix, I was hoping for some spices but it was a bit bland. Full disclosure, the ones I bought were expired so the fresher article might taste different.

Got this Once Again Organic Almond Butter at the same discount store and it was just expired so I only use it for myself. Was impressed with how smooth it spread, a lot of almond butters can congeal and harden.

Got this Maya Kaimal Green Garbanzo Dip at the discount store about to expire. SO AMAZING!!! I think I ate the whole thing in one day, the cilantro really made this dip!

Found these Blue Moose of Boulder Hummus at the discount store as well.
I really liked them both but I think the Roasted Red Pepper was the winner! My toddler liked it too!

These snacks I bought from the discount store but Freedom Foods is actually an Australian made brand so whenever it contains sugar you know it's vegan...yay! The kids loved both the Tropico's (pretty much like Fruit Loops) and the Chewy Apricot Granola Bar and so did I LOL

Was given these Little Duck Tiny Fruit mixes at mother/baby meet up and they are really good!! All 100% organic fruit...and that's all! My toddler loved them but I had to stop myself from eating them all! 

I was very excited to find Layer Cake Sauvignon Blanc at Kroger in Georgia (apparently Total Wine has it but I can never find it).  It was pleasant, a crisp fruity wine. This brand is pretty much always vegan :)

I think I got these Snack Factory Veggie Sticks at Kroger in Georgia. They were so good! Like cheesy puffs but veggies! My toddler loved them too!

I also tried this Kroger brand Exotic Vegetable Chips which were pretty good! 

Kroger in Georgia had these Foodies Vegan Fritattas on sale. I tried all the flavors (Tomato Basil, Potato Parsley & Corn Chipotle). I liked them all but didn't think any of them had a particularly strong flavor over the others, they were all tasted about the same. They were a bit dry and needed a little salt but other than that easy vegan breakfast!

Found a couple of flavors of Treeline Cheese at Kroger, Georgia. I tried the Scallion and Herb Garlic. They were both nice flavors but I find Treeline cheese all a bit tangy, like they've added lemon juice or something and I don't like that part of it.

Bought these Kroger brand freeze dried fruit. I like hat they came as larger pieces so easier for my toddler to hold. Delicious too, just wish they were organic!

I think I got these Eat Smart Veggie Crisps at Kroger in Georgia. I wasn't that impressed to be honest. They were quite bland but ok for using with dip.

I'm sure I've mentioned these Primal Strips vegan jerky before but they have them at Whole Foods so I thought I'd mention them again. And also because they are so good!!!! The Texas BBQ is GF and is a sweet BBQ flavor and the Hickory Smoke does contain some soy sauce and has a sweet peppery flavor.

I got this Mineral Fusion Gel Top Coat from Earth Fare and I LOVE IT! It really kept my nail polish on for a lot longer, about 3 weeks without chips which is pretty decent!

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