Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The Undeniable Link Between Veganism and Yoga

Another contribution from freelance writer Jess Walters...

The Undeniable Link Between Veganism and Yoga

Both yoga and veganism are holistic approaches to wellbeing, focusing on mind, body, spirit and social responsibility. A survey by OregonState University revealed that there are a diverse range of reasons people give for becoming vegan, with health being just one of them. Many are switching tovegan products for ethical reasons, not wanting to cause harm to animals or damage the environment, but did you know yoga can also be an ethical commitment? Both yoga and veganism are based upon simple living in order to find the mental clarity to grow spiritually. If you are a vegan for more than just health reasons, but have never tried yoga, here’s why you should.

Commitment to Nonviolence and Compassion

Yoga is composed of five restraints, one being Ahimsa. This concept, used in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism, means having a respect for all living things. While most people agree we should avoid violence towards other humans where possible, yogis expand this message further.

As a new practitioner of yoga, you will learn how to live with complete nonviolence each and every day. This will help you to understand how eating meat is in itself a violent act and help you maintain your vegan diet.

Focus on Physical Health and Vitality

By eating a vegan diet, you will already have the energy required for intense yoga practice. The health benefits of yoga are well documented and include increased strength, flexibility, prevention of injury, faster recovery and cardiovascular health.
This will complement your vegan diet well, helping you to lose weight and gain muscle. For many vegans, health is the top reason for becoming vegan. However, diet is only one side of the coin, with exercise being the other. Yoga is a holistic, accessible and effective form of exercise.

Desire For Spiritual Growth

For spiritual explorers, a vegan diet is often an essential part of their practice. What you eat controls your mood and consciousness, with unhealthy food clouding the mind and leading to irritability. A vegan diet, conversely, provides the energy levels required to focus the mind and live with a positive attitude.

Eating natural whole foods may also help us awaken spirituality through connection to nature. Once you have a diet conducive to spiritual growth in place, combine it with yoga. Since yoga uses breathing techniques to focus the attention, it creates a meditative mindful state to aid increased consciousness and connection to the universe.

The link between veganism and yoga is very clear. They are both focused on living an ethical, clean, healthy, vibrant and spiritual life; a life of intention and wellbeing for you and others around you. Take the benefits of your vegan diet to the next level by combining it with yoga.

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