Thursday, 23 May 2013

A Vegan Hello Kitty Party

We had a Hello Kitty party for my step-daughter's 5th birthday. I got some party packs online I decided to do everything else myself.


This personalised bunting was done on Paint (which almost every computer will have some form of) and then printed out on a colour printer. Personalised bunting online starts at around $20.

In Paint I created two triangles, opposite so I could fit two on each page. You can use the rotate tool to change the position of the triangle or the page. Then I used the paint tool to colour the whole thing in pink, then used the text tool to create the letter in white. Sometimes it can take some time to get the first one right but once it's right you can use it as a template for the rest.

I used a hole punch on each corner and fed curling ribbon through it. You can tape it at the back so the letters don't move position.


I served veges with hummus and guacamole, chips, fruit, Rocky Road Fudge Slice, cupcakes, mini sausage rolls and Gardein Faux Chicken strips.

Face Painting

Using face paint from Vegan Faces and Elegant Minerals.

Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty

In fairness you can buy this game for around $5 but I was printing stuff anyway so I figured why not. I remember my Mum making a "Pin the Beret on Prince" (that was Barbie's poodle in the 80's) and i thought it was the coolest thing over so sometimes the handmade stuff makes an impression. It did on me anyway ;)

I just printed a Hello Kitty picture that had no colour bow onto a white piece of paper and some bows onto red paper then glued them to red cardboard and then cut out the bows and used double sided tape on the back of each bow.

Pass the Parcel

Apparently this isn't a well known game in the States but it's basically Musical Chairs except with a parcel.
You wrap a prize up and then wrap more and more layers around it with a lolly in each layer.
You pass the parcel around in a circle  to music and when the music stops whoever has it gets to unwrap one layer. If you find candy it's yours, if not bad luck. Anyone holding on the parcel is cheating and out!!! I got all my candy from The Natural Candy Store - vegan section.
I printed off some Hello Kitty patterns to wrap the parcels in.

Chocolate Coin Hunt

I hid a bunch of chocolate coins in gold paper money bags in the backyard and gave the kids all a plastic cup to go and find them and they went wild!


I made a Hello Kitty Strawberry Cake with Cream Cheese Filling and used fondant to decorate.

Goodie Bags

I made guest goodie bags using the candy I bought from The Natural Candy Store.


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