Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Road Trippin' Down South

Just got back from two weeks road trippin' to Georgia and Florida visiting friends and relatives and thought I'd share some of the vegan culinary delights with you. You're welcome :)

Being on the road is hard and I ate mainly mixed vegetable hash browns from Denny's, Cracker Barrel & IHOP. I'd have to say my favourite hash browns were those from Waffle House...sooo good!


Dalton, GA had an amazing selection of vegan/gluten free foods in their huge Kroger store....

I made this Soy & Agave Stir Fry using Gardein's Vegan Chicken Strips 
(these are not gluten free but I put them in afterwards for the rest of the family)

Also found there a huge selection of vegan ice cream flavours. 
Purely Decadent Peanut Butter Zig Zag was AMAZING!!!

The Red Lobster have these vegetable skewers on their lunch menu and were happy to make them up at dinner also :)

Found Sophie's Kitchen crumbed faux fish at Country Life Vegetarian Restaurant & Store, Columbus GA...mmm

Zoe's Kitchen, Columbus GA had quite well marked vegan and gluten free options plus knowledgeable staff...nice!


Moving down into Jacksonville, Florida, we had a grilled vegetable fajita at La Nopalera Mexican Restaurant and they were very accommodating.

Aqua Grill Restaurant was on a waterway and was so pretty. They have a separate gluten free menu and at dinner they have a 4 course vegetarian menu which looked delicious! 

My BFF said she found a bunch of stuff at Costco including these delicious gluten free/vegan veggie patties by Don Lee Farms.

Found a vegan/gluten free frozen pizza by Bold Organics at Native Sun. Was delicious and already had all the toppings!

 Found some Sophie's Choice crumbed faux shrimp at Native Sun.
These were really good!

At Moe's Southwest Grill you can make up your own dish using all their fresh ingredients - including tofu!! Nachos MMMMM

Some delicious vegetable skewers we cooked on my friends hotplate...need to get one of those!
I just used the Soy & Agave sauce to marinade the tofu and then heat up to pour over.

Found a great selection of vegan/gluten free beers at PublixNative Sun that I'd never seen before.

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