Sunday, 24 August 2014

Zest Kitchen & Bar

I only went to Zest Kitchen & Bar recently when my brother and sister in law were in town. I've always wanted to try it but you know as a vegan you tend to stick to the places you already know are good. I'm sorry I had not tried this place sooner! The food was amazing and the service was great. We sat outside because there was a band playing and it was a little bit loud inside, the weather was very pleasant though and the atmosphere in that part of SLC is very social with a bar straight across the road. I liked that they had the option of raw as well as cooked vegan food. I also liked that you could choose between processed vegan cheese or homemade nut cheeses.

Zest is vegan restaurant and EVERYTHING is gluten free but there are some dishes that can be vegetarian. They also had Green's vegan gluten free beer which I haven't seen anywhere else in SLC. I definitely will be going back!

August 2014 

December 2015 - Lavender lemonade, organic chips and salsa, grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup and salted caramel torte - so delicious! Hubby had some mushrooms on toast that was from the starter menu but I forgot to take a pic, it was delicious too!

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