Sunday, 22 March 2015

We Made A Tee-pee!

So not on a vegan note but on a family note...we made a teepee! Technically it's for the kids but it looks so comfortable I think I might sneak in there when they're not home ;)
This was a fairly easy project for around $60 - we got plain duck cloth on sale.

You need;

5.5 yards x 3 yards
5-6x Wood planks - 9' tall
Sewing machine/fabric scissors
Optional Extras; tarp, paint, pillows, blankets


We started with one 1 piece of 11 x 2 yard piece of plain duck cloth and cut it in half down the middle.

Next I sewed the two 5.5 yard pieces together and lay out flat. mark down the middle of the piece. Using one of the planks of wood, drill a hole about 9" down on all planks. Lay wood down in the middle line of the material with the hole on the long edge. Start marking around to make a semi-circle on one side of the material.

Fold the material in half on the fold line and cut around the circle with fabric scissors.

Next either hem or using a seam stitch sew the round raw edges to prevent fraying. The sides should have selvage so should not need hemming.

Next lay the material out flat and in the center of the flat edge mark two button holes on each side. This will be for the rope to feed through and attach to the wooden plank.

Attach all your planks together in a teepee shape and feed the rope through and tie to hold in place.
Next wrap the material - round edge along the ground - around the planks and mark three button holes.

Sew all the marked button holes.
The top two are for feeding through the plank as an anchor, the bottom 6 holes are to hold the teepee together at the front.

Technically now your teepee is ready! 

We painted circle patterns on the material but tracing cups and plates and then using some old house paints samples we had left over from when we made a birdhouse. We had paint on our hands so we put hand prints on as well.


We covered the floor with tarp, then got some outdoor cushions and blankets from a thrift store.

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