Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Vegan Products - July 2016

As per usual all products are vegan and gluten free. They may not be new but it's the first time I've tried them :)

Found this Neat brand in the local Publix supermarket - it's faux meat that is soy free. Tasted a lot like falafel but still made great burger patties. looking forward to trying the Italian Meatball one. There is also a breakfast and Mexican one. They also make egg replacer!

Found two different Amy's vegan/GF chocolate bars in a health food store. I love the chocolate one - tasted like a chocolate Milky Way.

 I found this Bold brand vegan GF pizza at a health food store marked as "discontinued" which I was very sad about because it was REALLY GOOD!! If you see these stock up!

I'm sure this Tofutti Garlic & Herb cream cheese has been on the market for a long time but it's the first time I got to try it. Thumbs up! 

A couple of newly discovered vegan GF Amy's meals...

Found this Ener G brand Tapioca bread at the health store and I really like how it tasted toasted.

Found Gardein GF chicken scallopini which I was excited to try. It was OK. I think it you are adding it a recipe with other flavors it would be a great substitute but alone it doesn't have a ton of flavor.

Arbonne has been around for a while but they really are lovely products and GF/vegan to boot! A little on the pricey side but well worth it for certain items you like to splurge on! I've been very happy with the items I purchased so far. Mascara, make up primer, facial cleanser and renewal serum.

Everytime I travel whether it's by plane or car I always take vegan protein bars as snacks and possible meals where vegan options are naught. I found these new ones.... Whole Earth & Sea Pure Food Organic Vegan Greens (loved this, like a healthy chocolate bar), The GFB (taste like a cookie), D's Naturals No Cow Bar and Pure Organic Berry choc bar.

Found these at Walmart and they are so delicious! No all the Good Thins are GF & vegan but some seem to be! I always count sugar (in the USA) as not vegan unless otherwise stated.

 The Jackfruit Company didn't impress me with the BBQ flavored one but the Sesame-Ginger was good in a stir fry - I had to make another sauce though as the amount in the packet is just enough for the jack fruit.

I found these Tres Latin Foods pupusas at the health store. They kind of taste like thick quesadillas - very delicious. Like a healthy hot pocket! Kale & Pinto Bean and Black Bean & Sweet Corn are both vegan.

Very excited about this late item! Lotus Foods finally brings us a decent vegan and healthy alternative to ramen/pot/minute noodles! In fairness I've only tried the Buckwheat & Mushroom Rice Ramen but so far so good!

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