Thursday, 22 September 2016

Vegan Products - September 2016

A few vegan products I've recently tried...

I've been wanting to try Vegan Magic (aka Vegan Bacon Grease) for the longest time but I couldn't think about what I would use it for. It's mainly coconut oil with some salt and flavorings to mimic pork fat but it wasn't as flavorsome as I'd hoped.
In the end I decided on southern collard greens. They were pretty good!

My husband discovered Ripple for me in Target - 100% vegan, pea based milk. They were really good, the milk is very creamy so perfect for tea & coffee! First real cup of tea I feel like I'v had since going vegan!

My BFF got these Marjon tofu crumbles I think at Publix. It was pretty good, we ended up using it for nachos :)

I was pretty excited about Ben & Jerry's "vegan" range of ice-creams. So far it's only four flavors and of that only one is gluten free so that's the one I chose. Fail, Ben & Jerry's, fail!It was pretty good but I still prefer the So Delicious range. I was dubious about the sugar being vegan - the response from B&Js below.

Whenever you move to a new place there's always the struggle to find good vegan GF bread!
I found these two. Little Northern Bakehouse and DeLands. I especially love the DeLands bread range, made excellent grilled cheese

Found a new Amy's meal to try! I especially love that they made the effort to find vegan cheese!

Found Two Brothers GF beer at a health store in Jacksonville, FL. It was pretty good, very like a pilsner. My favorite is still Greens but its just so expensive so the search goes on!

I had been craving baked beans on toast for a while and I can never seem to find any that are GF and vegan. Finally found this Walnut Acres one at a health store. So yum!

New brand of vegan wine...yay!!!! Natura Organic Wine's whole range is vegan which is great.

Primal Chocolate - found this Almond Sea Salt Dark Chocolate at Fresh Market, Jacksonville FL. It was a little bitter but pretty nice.

I like to buy dried beans because it's way cheaper and pretty easy. I thought this HamBeens  15 bean soup mix was just bean mix, I didn't realise it was a soup mix so when I saw the "ham flavored" soup package I did despair...until I read the ingredients. I couldn't find anything about it that wasn't GF or vegan so I called the company just to make sure and they confirmed all their products are animal product free! Here's a link to the recipe I used, although obviously I forgo the meat and added stock cause it was a bit bland without. Was so good my kids even wanted some!

My BFF found vegan cheese at Trader Joe's! Tasted pretty similar to Daiya honestly.

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