Wednesday, 21 September 2016

SKS Bottle & Packaging Inc

The very kind people at SKS Bottle & Packaging Inc sent me some sample products to try! I checked out their website and there is a pretty impressive selection of container materials,  shapes and sizes. They make custom labels too! It's really great if you like to make your own products like me! Most of the products are made in the USA which is very important to me. Really worth a look if you plan to sell  or gift any homemade products and want to package professionally!

Here's a list of the products they sent me and how I plan to use them;

1. Blue PET Cosmo Rounds with Black Fine Mist Sprayer 4 oz (stock# 0027-12)
This is a mist sprayer perfect for homemade perfume or face mist. Here's a link to homemade mists and toners!

2. Amber PET Straight Sided Jars with Black Smooth Plastic Caps 16oz (stock# 0609-31)
Great size for homemade beauty items like bath salts and moisturizer, here's a link to my DIY page.

3. Footed Metal Tin 6oz (stock# 5567-02)
This is a great sealed container for homemade candles or facial moisturizer. Especially if you plan to give them as gifts or sell them.

4. Glass Amber Round with Black Bulb Droppers 2oz (stock# 4001-22)
If you buy any oils in bulk or you make your own scented oils for hair and face this bottle is a good size for everyday use with a dropper for minimal waste!

5. Clear Glass French Square Bottle with Cork Stopper 4oz (stock# 4055-14)
This bottle is so pretty and would make an excellent gift - perhaps containing some raspberry cordial or homemade vegan Baileys!

6. Clear Glass Beverage Bottle with Gold Metal Lug Caps 16oz (stock# 4034-06)
These gorgeous bottles would be perfect for homemade nut milk or juice.

7. Clear PET Boston Rounds with Black Mini Trigger Sprayers 16oz (stock# 0028-109)
Great spray bottle with a little more power for leave in spray conditioner or homemade cleaning products such as stain remover or surface spray.

8. Clear Glass Square Candle Jars 7.75oz (stock# 40160075.01S)
Perfect for making your own vegan candles! Here's a web page on how to make Soy Wax Candles.

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