Saturday, 25 April 2015

Easy Homemade Nut Milk

For this you will need a nut bag or cheese cloth and a container large enough for 3-4 cups of liquid to drains. I find this recipe make the milk quite light - like skim milk. For a thicker milk edit the ratio of nuts to water or leave nut pulp in. To sweeten or flavor you can add agave, cinnamon etc.

Easy Homemade Nut Milk


1 cup nuts (almond or cashew work well)
4 cups filtered water


Soak nuts over night, then drain and rinse.
In a high powdered blender, mix the filtered water and nuts until completely liquid.
Place nut bag or cheese cloth over your glass jar and secure with an elastic band or two!
I had to use a funnel as my spout was small :)
Pour nut mixture into nut bag/over cheesecloth and allow to naturally drain - can a few hours.
Replace jar lid and store in fridge for a week or two.

Almond Milk

Cashew Milk

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