Monday, 13 April 2015

Some New Vegan Items - April 2015

...again, not necessarily new vegan products but that I have newly discovered!

I'm pretty sure this first is new because I had never seen it before!
It actually does taste like honey but has the consistency of agave. Sweeet!

I found these Aroy-D brand curry pastes at my local Asian grocer. 
Most of them seemed vegan by the ingredients. Was very excited to try Massamam again - it had definitely been a while!

I really don't think this is new but I recently tried it and I loved it!
It has WAY less sodium than soy sauce and Tamari and has the added bonus of amino acids!
I found the taste easy to substitute for soy - it has a slightly sweeter flavor and is not as thick or salty.

I love Paula's Choice, I just wish ALL their products were vegan!
Luckily for me all the SPF facial moisturizers are vegan except the Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex SPF 30.
I'm currently using the Skin Balancing - Ultra Sheer Daily Defense SPF 30 and I love it, it's light, non-greasy and doesn't smell like sunscreen.

I found this randomly in the reduced section of the supermarket.
It was so good I went back and bought all they had on sale.
Gluten free, organic and vegan YAY!

This was recommended to me at the health food store. 
I wanted a vegan protein powder and I was going to by Spirulina as well but this gem has BOTH, plus it's all raw, non-GMO and organic. The girl at the health store said she loved the Chai Vanilla so I bought a sample pack of that as weel :)

Hubby brought these home for me. Previously I'd only ever seen the vegan milk chocolate and the chunks but never the dark chocolate and these are GOOD!

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