Sunday, 6 November 2016

Vegan Products November 2016

Here's some products I've found in the last couple of months.

I found Mueller's GF Pasta and it was pretty good and didn't fall apart which is always a bonus! All ingredients were vegan!

I'm in love Ripple pea based milk. It's got a thick texture and tastes very similar to regular milk so it's great as a substitute, especially in my cup of English tea! There a couple of varieties; sweetened, unsweetened, vanilla and chocolate. Found this in Target.

Found this Pascha chocolate bar, I think at a health store (maybe Native Sun). It was pretty good, nice and creamy. I love dark chocolate but not too dark and I find that anything over 60% is too bitter but a lot of brands under 60% are not vegan, this was!

Got these Hippeas vegan chickpea puffs at Starbucks, so good!!! Only sad part is they some in these tiny little packets!

Can't remember where I got this Lensi chickpea pasta from, probably a health store but it was pretty good and held it's structure well. It was heavy and nutty flavored.

Pure Knead is a vegan/gluten free brand of bread I discovered at a supermarket, I can't remember which one but I want to say Publix or Kroger! Its was pretty good, I mainly use it for toast.

I found these Maya Kaimal Sweet Chili Chickpea Chips at Kroger, they were soooo good!

I'm always on the look out for a good vegan plain yogurt and have yet to find one! I want a Greek yogurt style flavor to make certain dishes with. This So Delicious coconut yogurt was ok, it was a bit too sweet but when I make Raita it works because you normally add sweetness anyway. Pretty sure I found it at Target.

Found these vegan GF soups at Trader Joe's! Organic Split Pea & Organic Lentil Vegetable. They were basic canned soups, neither were anything special but I preferred the lentil.

Trader Joe's seems to have their own brand of vegan sugars which is great! Picked up this vegan powdered/icing sugar.

I found these plant based vegan food dyes at Native Sun made by Color Garden. They work fine but are ridiculous expensive. This pack of four colours was $12 and you can see by the picture how small the packets are - and non-resealable! For one lot of twelve cupcake icing I ended up having to use the orange and the read and yellow just to get a halfway decent orange color. By far the most expensive batch of cupcakes I've ever made!

Finally caved and tried the second vegan Ben & Jerry's flavor Coffee Caramel Fudge that is almost gluten free but not quite. Again it was pretty average compared to some of the other vegan ice creams I've had. It was very creamy but not much flavor. 

My gorgeous BFF found these vegan GF chocolates at Sweet Pete's Candy, Jacksonville FL. SO GOOD!!!!!

Have missed strawberry yogurt but this Almond Dream vegan version found at Target wasn't a good substitue in my opinion. gluggy and flavorless and no strawberries to be seen!

Love Earth Science deodorant and I found these vegan deodorants in TJ Maxx for $4-$5 which is great compared to $8 at the health stores!

Hubby brought home this Olly vegan GF protein powder from Target. It was ok, not a strong flavor so easy to mix with other things.

My BFF got these rice crackers from Trader Joe's good!

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