Thursday, 5 July 2018

DIY Lash Serum

I had read a few different recipes online about DIY lash serums. All the commercial ones that seem to work are not vegan. So I decided to combine a few recipes and create my own. The key seems to be the castor oil which helps with hair regrowth and strength, as does certain essential oils such as lavender and cedar wood. Vitamin E & Coconut Oil are for conditioning.   The I bought an empty mascara wand online (which took forever to ship!) but you can just as easily use an oil brush or dropper and apply with your fingers or a cotton bud. Honestly I think that';s better anyway as you only need to get your lash line,not your whole lash. It is oily so feels a bit weird the first few times you use it and I recommend using a pillow case you don't care about. I spoke to a friend who did it just with castor oil and she said it definitely works (her lashes are amazing) but that it can take 6 months of doing it every day to start seeing don't give up!! I promise to post results once I see them!

DIY Lash Serum


2 tsp Coconut Oil (melted)
2 Tbls Castor Oil
2 tsp Vitamin E
8-10 drops Lavender (and/or cedar wood) essential oil


Add all ingredients into small bowl and mix well.
Drop slowly into a glass dropper or mascara container.
Apply to base of eyelashes and eyebrows at night.

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