Monday, 28 May 2012


Laksa is a spicy Asian coconut noodle soup. So yummy in the Winter! I got my vegan Laksa paste from the Cruelty Free Shop. The soup base is what's important, then just add whatever ingredients you like.

Serves 4


180g Laksa paste (half the jar - this will make it medium/hot)
2 cups (500ml) veg stock
2x 400ml can coconut milk (or cream)
2 cups bean sprouts
Handful of mushrooms, chopped
1 packet vermicelli
1 block of tofu of choice, sliced
1/2 packet vegan fish balls (They have an amazing selection of vegan/gluten free mock meat at CitiSuper in Sydney Town Hall)
1 bunch chinese broccoli
1 handful english spinach


In a large bowl add vermicelli and pour over boiling water. Let sit for 5 minutes.
In a large soup pan add water and boil.
One boiling whisk in laksa paste and coconut milk.
Add fish balls and tofu and turn heat down to medium.
Add vegetables (except bean sprouts) and let simmer for 10 minutes.
Drain the vermicelli.
Add vermicelli and a handful of bean sprouts to a deep bowl and ladel in laksa.
To serve you can add coriander and/or fresh lime juice.

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