Saturday, 9 June 2012


When your father gives you 50 limes from his tree what else can you possible do besides make a jug of Margaritas?? The original recipe was equal parts Tequila/lemon juice with 1/2 that amount of Cointreau



200ml Tequila
300ml Sugar Syrup (recipe below)
300ml fresh lime juice
salt for serving


Mix all ingredients together in a jug. Chill until cold.
Serve by running a lime wedge along the rim of the serving glass and dip into plate of salt.

Sugar Syrup is made by mixing 2 parts sugar (caster sugar works best)and 1 part boiling water. If you want to make the effort you can boil on the stove top but I just add boiling water from the kettle and stir until sugar is disolved.

Note: change amounts to taste.

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