Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Vegan Primer

I finally caved in and started buying more expensive brands of vegan makeup. I'm quite liking Paula's ChoiceInika and Adorn. I like that Inika is Australian, organic and can be tested at Myer stores. I hate buying expensive makeup online when you can't even test it (and certainly can't return it).

Paula's Choice cream concealer is $30 compared to Adorn's cream concealer which is $59 and honestly I think they are both great concealers. I haven't used the Inika concealer but it's a liquid concealer and $40.

However, when it comes to primer I have to say that Adorn is really the best and worth $59. I bought both Inika & Adorn's primers which were the same price and Adorn is definately the best primer I've used. I found it very similar to Laura Mercier's primer which was my favourite before I went vegan. I had read some great reviews on Adorn's primer but hadn't talked myself into paying $59 for it until I was really ready for a new one. Very much worth it!

Adorn Skin Primer


Inika Certified Organic Pure Primer 

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