Sunday, 2 December 2012

Cruelty Free Shop

A lot of you Aussie vegans may already buy online from the Cruelty Free Shop but Jessica has recently opened her first store in Sydney located at 83 Glebe Point Road, Glebe and I had my first visit last weekend. The shop is sooo awesome! I went in there for two things and ended up buying half the shop. The choice was endless...unfortunately my credit limit isn't. I'm sure Jessica's happy I'm not waking her up early on a Saturday morning to collect my goods from her house anymore ;)
If you're in Sydney check it out for all your vegan needs...


  1. Great write up and pictures. I love the lay out of the store--it shows off the vegany goodness is a superb way.

  2. ...really cool...

    vegan l♥ve&peace from austria, miss viwi

  3. Thanks Paul, I can't take credit for the pictures though - I stole them online (happy to credit whoever took them though!). Agreed the layout of the shop is fantastic!