Saturday, 18 January 2014

Coffee & Brown Sugar Scrub

I'm starting to try and make my world a little more DIY, part through necessary frugality and part because I figure natural ingredients have got to be better for your skin and general health than a bunch of chemicals I know nothing about. So I've started off simple like and am trying to slowly exchange all the products I use in the house.

That all being said the product I made today was Coffee & Brown Sugar Scrub. I've heard coffee and coffee berry serums are used a lot for super expensive anti aging formulas (like Priori) so I figure why not just try it with the ground stuff. I know it probably doesn't work that way but I'm going with my logic anyway. And after now hitting my mid 30's I decided instead of plastering my skin with make up maybe I'll try and make my skin look as good as possible instead...emphasis on try :)

This scrub was so lovely, it scrubbed the absolute crap out of my skin for which I was most skin came out feeling so soft and rejuvenated. It's been feeling quite disgusting lately with the cold, dry weather.

Coffee & Brown Sugar Scrub


1 Tbls ground coffee beans (not instant, obviously lol)
1 Tbls vegan brown sugar
1 tsp lemon juice or water


Mix into a paste and gently (or roughly) rub in a circular motion around your face and neck area.
Rinse well. A voila! Beautiful soft skin...naturally.

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