Thursday, 1 October 2015

Newly Discovered Vegan Products - October 2015

So many new and delicious vegan products on the market everyday! Some maybe not as new as others but I have only recently discovered them ;)

Bai 5 drinks I found at Kroger but I assume they are available everywhere! They use natural fruit juices and Stevia as sweetener.

I found this vegan jerky at Cashew Cafe in Chattanooga. The brand is Primal Strips and they had a few different flavors but this was the only GF one but it was pretty delicious!

I love me some boxed chocolates and any vegan who also has my passion knows they are hard to come by and usually overpriced :(
I got these vegan and GF boxed chocolates by Divine Treasures online at Vegan Essentials.
They were expensive and weren't the best vegan boxed chocolates I've ever had but they were definitely good enough to satisfy my cravings :)

I'm a little but in love with these breakfast sausages by Sol Cuisine which are both vegan and GF!
They taste like sausage and are super easy to prepare, you don't even have to defrost!
Shown here with vegan scrambled eggs.

So I have mixed feelings about Premium Chocolatiers. These two chocolate products, the No No's (M&Ms) and No Whey (Milky Way/Mars Bar) state that they are vegan on the packaging but in recent communications with them I found out they don't always use vegan sugar, they use whatever is available from their sugar manufacturer. This was a bit disappointing to me as I feel a bit cheated when something states clearly that they are vegan when they really aren't. They claim by the end of 2015 they will only be using vegan sugar but I'm not sure if I will feel good buying their products again. Shame cause the No No's are really good.

I got these Elianni vegan pat├ęs from Vegan Essentials and they were sooooo delicious. My only problem is that they go so quickly!! Elianni has a few products I would love to try, looks like all their stuff is GF so YAY!

Some of these I found in Utah, some in Georgia but all were delicious!!
I love having a GF vegan frozen meal option when I don't feel like cooking!
Thanks Amy's!

Unless you really hate cashew milk I urge you to try So Delicious' new cashew milk range of ice-creams. OMG SO CREAMY AND AMAZING!!!

I jumped on the "dulse as vegan bacon" bandwagon a little while ago and wasn't that impressed with the bacon part but the I am loving dulse as a very versatile seaweed. The taste is very mild and the health benefits amazing. I've been putting mine in homemade miso soup. So good!
I got this one on Amazon from Seaweed Iceland.

Found these Amy's vegan & GF veggie burgers and there were pretty tasty. There are so many veggie burgers on the market but these were definitely in my top 10.

Found these tasty GF & vegan crackers at Harmons, I think I like the Crunchmaster ones the best. Amazing on their own or with some vegan cheese or spread.

Vegan caviar!!! Ok so not new but it's not cheap so I only get it very rarely. I've only ever tried Cavi-art which is a Danish brand of seaweed caviar but its pretty darn amazing.
Shown here with vegan deviled eggs.

I really loved this vegan block cheese by Follow Your Heart, it was a mild taste but tasted like cheese and went with everything. YUM

Taquitos!!! Vegan and GF by Starlite Cuisine (which is all vegan products), they taste the best when microwaved and then baked to crispy perfection. A bit of a greasy indulgence....mmmm!


  1. I love looking at products from other countries (wishing we could get Field Roast here)!

    1. In Australia you can get a bunch of stuff I can't get here like those GF vegan tim tams and mint slice cookies! And some of the cheese you can get that I LOVE you can't get in the USA, like Sheese....mmmmm droooling