Thursday, 5 November 2015

New Vegan Items - November 2015

Here's some vegan items I've discovered recently and a brief review...

I saw this Heidi Ho Smoky Chia Cheeze and thought it would be good for crackers. I didn't really like the straight flavor of it so I emailed them for any recipes using this product. They sent me back this recipe for Smoky Au Gratin Potatoes and it was pretty good! Love how it really melts down into a cheese sauce - maybe a good base for vegan fondue as well!

Soyatoo! Rice Whip - Soyatoo has been around for a long time but I hadn't used it in years and thought I'd buy it again. It's pretty good, a great alternative to whipped cream. You have to follow the instructions on the can or use and storage though or you end up running all the gas and are left not being able to get any of the cream out...
I think I feel a pavlova coming on!

I bot this Earth Balance popcorn at my local health store because it was on sale. it was pretty good. Similar to what you get in the cinema but slightly less flavor.

I'm totally in love with So Delicious Cashew Milk is just so creamy and similar to regular ice-cream. The snickerdoodle one was like donut ice-cream, so good!

I love Elianni vegan pâté  so I thought I'd give their faux meats a try. I really didn't like the lunch meats, they were very bland but worked well minced up and used in other dishes. The Cutlets were basically large TVP curls. Great for mimicking the texture and look of stewed meat but still tasted like TVP which can be a bit overpowering. I'll definitely still be buying the pâté though, it's amazing!

Just discovered these Mary's Gone Crackers crackers in the health store and then went online and found they do a bunch of items - all vegan and gluten free. I particularly liked the Italian Herb Thins and the Ginger Snaps. Looking forward to using the mini graham crackers as a pie base!


I got this Sol Cuisine vegan/gluten free chicken with high hopes because I love their breakfast sausage patties and as all gluten free vegans know, it's hard to find good vegan mock meat that is also gluten free! These were kind of chewy and bland so I don't think I'd get them ok but they might be good in a homemade sauce.

I am loving Daiya's pizza range - all vegan and gluten free. They are seriously the best GF vegan pizza I've had so far. The Supreme is my favourite so far!

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