Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Vegan Products - June 2018

Apologies, it's been months since I last did product reviews but life gets hectic with three kids and at least it means I have plenty saved up for you ;)

So a bit late, I know but at Easter I found these plastic, biodegradable eggs at Walmart for only a couple of dollars. I didn't see in any ingredients in the dyes that would not be vegan so assuming all synthetic. Loved the way they turned out though!

Also at Easter time check out World Market or anywhere selling Lindt chocolate bunnies because the dark chocolate ones with the brown ribbon are vegan!

Recently found the extremely sort after Beyond Meat Sausages in Original and Hot Italian at Whole Foods Market, Jacksonville. Have only tried the original so far but YUM. Can already think of a dozen recipes this will help me recreate!

Random entry but did you know that Native Sun, Jacksonville (Baymeadows is where I found them) had GF vegan chocolate chip cookies and slices of cake for sale every day in their bakery??? Neither did I, I was probably better off living in ignorance but so delicious!

Found these Farmhouse Culture Dill Pickle probiotic Kraut Krisps corn chips at Solomon's Ventures, Jax and they were so addictive!

Found these America organic pasta sauces in Solomon's Ventures too and they were delicious!!

I know Daiya got bought out by a Canadian dairy company and frankly I usually never buy it anyway because I don't like the taste much. HOWEVER...I have been looking for the Pepperoni Style pizza for forever and finally found it and needed to try it and I had tried all the other flavors. It was pretty good, I have to say. Would love to see someone selling the pepperoni separately! (Sidebar - still totally pissed at Tofurky for discontinuing their vegan pizzas - they were the bomb!)

Recently was put onto these two Trader Joe's seasonings, Everyday Seasoning - perfect for just about everything but magical on potatoes and avocado and Everything but the Bagel which I assume is meant for bagels but is really good on vegetables.

On the subject of Trader Joe's. These vegan chocolate bars I found there are AMAZING!!! So creamy. I found them above the frozen section.

I think this Tribe ranch hummus (yes vegan ranch!) came from Earth Fare because they had someone giving out samples. All their hummus were really good

Can't remember where I got these Harvest Stone Crackers (problem with waiting four months to do product reviews!) but they were really nice and sturdy which I like in a cracker ;)

Tried these Kite Hill fruit yogurts because they were on sale and I haven't liked the soy or coconut based ones. These are almond based and although they aren't perfect they are very creamy and taste close to the real thing. Toddler loved them as well!

Pretty sure I got these Terra Sweets & Beets chips from Solomon's Ventures and they were so good! We even had a guest at our cook out ask where we got them because they loved them so much. 
I don't know where to start with this Frik & Frak mariana sauce. I don't want to peek to soon but THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING MARIANA SAUCE I'VE EVER TASTED!!!!!! Seriously the first time my BFF brought it to me I ate the whole thing with a spoon, sad? Yes, but this is worse. I went and bought some myself and again proceeded to eat the whole thing with a spoon. That's very sad. It's from Lucky's Market and the only thing bad is that it's $8.99 so definitely an occasional treat...really the price is saving me from myself. Also it's almost got a seafood hint to it (somehow??) and so might be great for recreate seafood bisque or pasta dishes.

So I saw these Earth Balance Vegan Aged White Cheddar Flavor Puffs for the first time in Southern Roots Filling Station but then since have seen them at Earth Fare and Whole Foods Market. They are so addictive. They remind me of before I went vegan Quakers did these mini ranch rice snacks that went perfect with beer. This is an amazing substitute. I always say I'll just eat half the bag but always eat the whole thing. 

So recently Walmart started carrying Bolthouse Farms pea protein milk and charging less than the health stores so I was stoked because it's a staple in our house! I had to try the chocolate flavor and it was so good!!! Really thick and creamy.
UPDATE: Walmart doesn't seem to be carrying the large Bolthouse Farms milks anymore - BOO WALMART!!!! Back to Publix :(

After discovering Bolthouse farms at Walmart I also noticed that they have Milkadamia - macadamia based milks which taste really nice and are great for cooking since they are thicker that other nut milks but not as thick as coconut milk. And the taste is very mild.

So I've had Bobo's Bites before and I and toddler both love them so I thought I'd try the Apple Pie flavor. Pretty delicious I have to say! A little on the pricer side but for an occasional treat they are great. Like mini muffins, individually wrapped so great for on the go.

I quite like So Delicious products so I thought I'd try this Cheddar Jack shreds but they weren't the best. Probably on par with most of the shredded cheese on the market and didn't melt well. :(

I'm not sure who normally stocks these Reese Flavorful Artichoke Sauce but I found it at Solomon's Ventures and it was SO GOOD! It suggests for pizza or pasta but honestly it was great just as a dip with crackers. 

I had heard these SOL Cuisine Breakfast sausage patties were GF but I'd never seen then, now I'm seeing them everywhere and they are delicious!

Thanks to a recommendation on the Jacksonville Vegan/Vegetarian page I went to check out Hung Thinh Asian Supermarket on Normandy Ave, Jax and I was not disappointed!! They had all the fake meat you can think of and some of it was actually GF too! So here's what I got...

This was supposed to be faux chicken but it taste just like soy bean curd. Great for flaking into chicken noodle soup though!

I loved seafood before I went vegan so it's great to have a substitute occasional for certain recipes. I love these Mushroom Balls, and faux shrimp (sorry no pic!) and the faux fish pictured below in Thai Curry and Malaysian Laksa.

And the most important reason I went was for vegan ham!!

This first one with the Black Pepper was my favorite (the most expensive as well!).

This was my second favorite.

This one was ok.

I didn't love this one, it seemed to be injected with water or something, the consistency was a little too spongy.

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