Saturday, 15 February 2014

Beachbody Focus T-25 Challenge

So I'm going to blog about this because I feel like it will motivate me to stay on track when I know I've committed myself to everyone! My friend who is a nutritionist did the 10 week Focus T-25 challenge through Beachbody and she looks unf-ingbelivable! I've known her since high school (so I know the pics aren't fake or touched up) and I've never seen her look this great...she's also had two kids. I'm sure she doesn't mind me showing her before and after pics! She said she's never felt this good and can't stop smiling - sounds pretty nice right?

I don't have any excuse for putting on weight, no kids, just been lazy and slack with my diet (fries and Dr Pepper tasted good at the time but have not served me well)! I've put on 15lbs since coming to the USA, although even when I was slimmer I was never muscle toned and now I want to be buff!
I was really impressed that they offered vegan options for the Shakeology packs! You don't have to use these but they provide all your nutrients so you don't need to worry and also give you that sweet hit. I use mine in my morning friend said she uses it in the afternoon when she would normally want a sugar hit. She also said that using the shakes has changed her 5 coffee a day habit into a barely one a day. I start this Monday, 17th February and am totally committed to this program. 

Here's my before pics because I figure if I can humiliate myself on a global scale and know people will be expecting results I'll be more likely not to flake out when it gets tough. Nothing guilts you into sticking to a program like shame! LOL

Me in December 2012 - a skinny ninny

Before pics in February 2014 - eewww
Let's hope I never look like this again!!!

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