Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas everyone! We had a lovely white Christmas full of festivity, laughter, snow ball fights, awesome vegan food and most importantly after lunch naps :)

Here's a small run down of our Christmas menu. I'm not very original, I usually make what I know people will eat but it's delicious so it works for me! Mmm leftovers!

(and extra stuffing made into balls and baked)

Slices of Tofu Turkey deep fried - yes it's as good as it sounds.


  1. that all looks so delicious, I'd love to make a tofu roast but I'd be the only one eating it!

  2. Veganopoulous you should make it anyway! No one else in my house is vegan except me (a house of five) and all the meals I make are vegan. They'll eat it if they are hungry - especially when they can't be bothered to make their own food lol
    Everyone loved the Tofu Turkey, especially after it was fried!