Saturday, 31 December 2016

Vegan Products - December 2016

Sorry if there are some repeat items in here - sometimes I don't remember if I've tried something or not LOL. Also this might be my last post about vegan items for a while. I'm about to start a sugar cleanse and try to eat a lot less processed food.

Found these Carla Lee's Nut Tacos & Burgers at Wholefoods. They were pretty good, you can definitely tastes the nuts, it's a bit crunchy at times. I particularity liked the tacos because of the ease. I tried them both in the oven and microwave.

I've been looking for a powder stock that doesn't contain sugar, which seems to be hard to find! I found this Organic Gourmet Vegetable Bouillon stock cubes at Wholefoods. I haven't used them yet - they are for my sugar cleanse! 

New!!! I found this Follow Your Heart Parmesan shreds at Publix but saw that they had them at Wholefoods as well. They are so good!!! Already using them on everything lol
Was great for making pesto...

Found this Vanini dark chocolate at Fresh Market, I really liked the pear and cinnamon flavor.

I love Dr. Praeger's Kale Burgers and these California Veggie Burgers are pretty good too!

I've never tried the Sophie's Kitchen Smoked Salmon so when I saw it at Wholefoods I had to try it! Along with some vegan cream cheese and chives of course! Pretty good, not perfect but decent for sure! 

Nature's Gate Hemp Lotion was on sale at Wholefoods so I thought I'd try it. 

Hubby found these Sensible Portion "Pringle" style chips at Walmart and the sea salt and BBQ are vegan and GF!! They taste just like Pringles.
The Sea Salt was a bit too salty (and I LOVE salty) but the BBQ was perfect!

Found these Enjoy Life Plentils Margarita chips at Solomon's Ventures discount store so I thought I'd try them and they were pretty good. Tasted more like Garlic and Onion than Margarita though.

Found this All Natural Peanut Wonder Chocolate Spread at Solomon's Ventures discount store and saw it was vegan! It wasn't overly sweet and I wanted it to be sweet so I didn't really love it but if you don't like the overly sweet flavour you'll love it ;)

Found these Baby Mum-Mum teething crackers at Solomon's Ventures discount store for $1 so I thought I'd try them, especially since they didn't have sugar added, only fruit juice and I've been looking for something like that for my wee one! They are pretty good and baby likes them a lot. They melt quickly in the mouth too so haven't had any chocking problems.

I've tried Good Thin's crackers before but hadn't tried the rice cracker style. They were pretty good!

Hubby found me these Vega vegan GF protein bars I think at Walmart! I can't tell you how great they are! They taste like a chocolate candy bar but with only 200 calories! 

Lastly found these lovely vegan wines at Fresh Market! Both very nice and under $10!
Montes from Chile and Mezzacorona of Italy.

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