Saturday, 31 December 2016

Xmas Lunch 2016

I hope everyone had a great Xmas 2016! Here's how my Xmas transpired...

Before Xmas the kids and I usually make cookies. We made Cinnamon Cookies but I ran out of GF flour so I used hazelnut meal which actually turned out pretty well!

Eggless Nog on Xmas Eve - of course!!

Preparing the Christmas Roast Vegetables (I did garlic rosemary potatoes, orange agave carrots and asparagus).

Preparing the Tofu Turkey!

After frying the Tofu Turkey pieces...

Tofu Turkey, Green Bean Casserole, Christmas Roast Vegetables, Golden Gravy and some vegan mash that my BFF brought :)

Delicious vegan wine I found for the occasion!

My first attempt at GF Apple Pie - turned out great. I ate most of it myself with some vegan vanilla ice-cream!

Vegan candy canes!

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