Sunday, 12 March 2017

Vegan Products - March 2017

Welcome to another vegan product review!

I'm particularly excited about Tofurky's new gluten free vegan pizzas. I tried them all! They were all pretty good but I have to say the BBQ "Chicken" flavour won me over hook, line and sinker! I found some at Earth Fare and some at Native Sun.

I found these Millet & Flax Lavish breads by Sami's Bakery at Grass Roots. It's so good! They never returned my email on more information about the product but all the ingredients were gluten free and vegan!

Found Smoked Gouda cheese slices by Follow Your Heart and I love them!! They melt so easily for grilled cheese sandwiches!

I'm starting to become quite the Hurst's Ham Beens fan. All of their bean mix flavouring packets are gluten free and vegan. This chilli one was particularly good, the whole house loved it!

One of favourite places in Jacksonville is Solomon's Ventures which is a discount store that quite often stocks many a vegan item, here are some I found recently that I had never tried before...

Celestial Gen Mai Cha tea kit! I call it Japanese rice sencha tea and it's delicious!

Got these Rhythm Superfoods Roasted Kales Chips - "bacon flavor". They were WAY too salty.

These Bobo's Oat Bars Peanut Butter and Jelly bites are gluten free and vegan. I really liked them.

Got this Lilly's hummus for $1, it was very tasty!

I bought this Belvoir's Elderflower cordial from World Market and its vegan and gluten free. We served it for our son's 1st birthday, it was so refreshing, everyone loved it!

Got these vegan Sprinkelz by Let's Do at Native Sun for my son's birthday food.

BFF bought me this Soul Sprout bar and it was delicious!

My in-laws gave me these True North Almond Peanut Cashew Clusters - so sweet and crunchy. The scraps in the bottom of the bag made an amazing ice-cream topper!

Got these veggie fries at Native sun. This particular flavor wasn't very good, very cardboard tasting but I'd like to giev some of the others a try.

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