Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Cucumber Sandwiches

These were so good and so simple for a high tea or picnic. This amount will use one loaf of bread and will probably feed four people.

Cucumber Sandwiches


1 loaf of fresh bread, sliced
2 tubs Tofutti cream cheese
1/2 bunch chives
1 spring onion, (bulb only)
Salt and pepper (to taste)
2 cucumbers (peeled or not), sliced finely


I used a food processer with a slicing attachment to slice my cucumbers.
Then using the food processor with a blade whisked up the cream cheese, chives and spring onions and salt and pepper.
Spread a small amount of mixture onto both sides of the bread and place one layer of cumber.
Hold sandwich tight and cut off the crusts with a bread knife, then cute sandwich into three fingers.
You can make double layer sandwiches if you like.

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