Friday, 25 January 2013

Double Chocolate Lamingtons

For Australia Day I made chocolate lamingtons. Lamingtons traditionally are an Australian cake (although there is an on going war with New Zealand about who really owns it) that is a square vanilla sponge soaked in a chocolate icing and then covered in desiccated coconut. This chocolate version is delicious! I adapted this recipe from Dan Lepard's on the SMH website.

Double Chocolate Lamingtons


300g castor sugar
50g cocoa
75ml non dairy milk (I used rice milk)
50g vegan butter (I used Nuttalex)
50g vegan dark chocolate (I used Green & Black 70%)
50ml sunflower oil
4 egg replacers (as per packet instructions)
100ml vegan natural yoghurt (I used Tofutti soy sour cream)
3 tsp vanilla extract
175g plain GF flour
3 tsp baking powder

For the coating (makes 750ml)

15g cocoa
50ml cold non dairy milk (I used rice milk)
175ml boiling water
200g vegan dark chocolate, finely chopped
450g icing sugar
1 250g bag coconut


Line the base of a deep, 20cm square cake tin with non-stick paper and heat the oven to 170C (150C fan-forced). Put the sugar and cocoa in a bowl and beat in the milk. Melt the butter and chocolate in a saucepan, and add to the sugar mix along with the oil. Beat in the eggs until smooth, stir in the yoghurt and vanilla, and mix in the flour and baking powder. Pour into the tin, cover with a slightly domed sheet of foil and bake for an hour. Lift off the foil for the last 15 minutes. Remove, cool in the tin and, while warm, cover with cling film.

For the coating, mix the cocoa and milk until smooth, whisk in the boiling water, then stir in the chocolate until melted. Whisk in the icing sugar until dissolved and pour into a deep, wide jug. Cut the cake into nine, dunk each piece in the coating and fish out with two forks. Roll in coconut and leave to set.

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