Saturday, 10 January 2015

Basic Miso Soup

Homamde Miso Soup is so easy and delicious! Sometimes I love it with brown rice for breakfast. Definitely is very comforting during the winter months! Once you know the basic recipe you can add mushrooms or other vegetables to change it up.

Basic Miso Soup
Serves around 4 as a side.


1/4-1/2 Cup Miso Paste (whichever kind of miso you prefer)
1 litre/1 quart of Dashi*

1/2 block of cubed tofu
Shredded dried seaweed
2 green onions chopped


Heat Dashi till boiling then remove from heat.
Stir in the miso paste and stir till completely dissipated.
Add in the extras and reheat if necessary but do not boil for it will alter the flavour of the miso.

Dashi is a Japanese stock made by place a 3" x 4" piece of Konbu seaweed in 1 litre of water.
Let it soak for 30 minutes then bring to boil for 20 minutes. Remove Konbu before using stock.
Note this used Kombu can be reused to make "Second Dashi", a weaker stock, or cut up and used in a stir fry or soup.

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