Saturday, 10 January 2015

Building a Healthy Bowl

Bowls are a great way to get the correct portions while being super healthy and delicious! The sky's the limit once you have the basic down because you can choose anything! Here's a link to some great Almond Butter sauces!

This bowl is brown rice, tempeh bacon, steamed broccoli and shredded carrots with a homemade teriyaki sauce and sprinkle of sesame seeds.

This bowl is broccoli, spinach, tomato, sorghum, fried tofu, cilantro and avocado with a soy, agave & sesame oil dressing...

Building a Healthy Bowl
Serves 1


1/3 of the bowl will be a grain (brown rice, quinoa, noodles etc)
1/2 of the bowl will be vegetables (green is best!)
Remaining section of the bowl will be protein (beans, tempeh, tofu)
Sauce or dressing of choice


Cook your ingredients and assemble your bowl.
Your choice of ingredients, sauce and method of cooking will determine how healthy your bowl.

Mexican style bowl with black beans, corn, tomato, lettuce, avocado, jalepanos, cilantro and a lime dressing.

Smoked grilled tofu, blanched collard greens, red peppers, red quinoa, cilantro and a red currant jelly & soy dressing.

Baked marinated tofu, grated daikon radish, kale, brown rice and a miso dressing.

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