Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fry's Chocolate

UPDATE - just found these in the "British" section of Woolworths, Neutral Bay (the new one on Rangers Road/Yeo St) and they had all the flavours! And only $2.30. The are $3.00 at the mini mark. SO EXCITED!

I'm super excited because was just reading the back of random chocolate bars at the local lolly shop (at Gateway, Circular Quay) and found two new yummy vegan chocolate bars! Fry's was bought out by Cadbury but the ingredients are still vegan. Just found them all at my McMahon's Point Grocery Store on Blues Point Road, McMahon's Point.

Fry's Chocolate Cream bar - tastes like a Cadbury cream egg
Fry's Mint Cream Bar - tastes like after dinner mints
Fry's Orange Cream Bar - tastes like Terry's Chocolate Orange

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