Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hash Browns

This is a simple homemade hash brown recipe I made up. It's great for hangovers when you can't be bothered to high tail it to the nearest fast food outlet.

Hash Browns


4 large potatoes, grated (I like with skins but up to preference)
1-2 egg replacers
1-2 Tbls soy milk
oil for frying


In a large pan heat your oil, more if you want to deep fry, less if you want to shallow fry.
While it's heating take your grated potatoes to the sink and squeeze out all the extra liquid.
Add them to a large bowl with the egg replacers and milk and mix together.
If too liquidy just drain into sink.
If not binding try another egg replacer or Xanthum gum or corn flour.
Take a ball of the potato mix and place in the hot oil, flattening with a spatula.
Once brown on one side flip over to the other side.
Place finished hash browns on some paper towel.
We served it with salt and tomato sauce.

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