Friday, 21 October 2011

Sweet Anthem Perfume

I discovered this great ranged of oil perfumes on Etsy. Meredith Smith uses the family perfumery business to create a range of vegan perfumes through her company Sweet Anthem. I love that they all are named after girl's names for the female fragrances and boy's names for the male fragrances! What a great present (from me to me). Each one has a full list of the fragrances used and she is amazing at getting back to you if you have any questions. Seriously I must have annoyed the crap out of her with all my lame questions! One of the few US companies that will ship perfume here and the scent lasts a long time too which I don't normally find with oil based perfumes.
You can buy testers to try which one you like.
Here's an example of what the smaller and large bottles look like;

Here's the samples I bought which I love. Anita smelt like Baileys yuuum! I think I like Emily the best, sweet and vanillary!

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