Saturday, 26 November 2011

Teriyaki Tofu

Teriyaki sauce is so much nicer homemade than packet and far simpler than you might think. You may not have some of these ingredients in your house but you can get them from the supermarket and they will last a long time. Lovely as a slap of tofu and rice or as a stir fry strips with vegetables. The photos are showing small strips of tofu because I was using them for sushi rolls.

Teriyaki Tofu


2 packets of tofu - I used Japanese style medium tofu
1 packet of extra firm tofu, pressed, cut into sticks and fried (recipe here)


4 Tbls sake or rice wine vinegar
8 tsp soy sauce (I use Tamari because it's GF)


100ml Mirin
4Tbs Soy Sauce (I use Tamari)
2 tsp granulated sugar


Chop your tofu into desired slices and soak in the marinade for 30mins.

Once ready blot extra marinade off.

Mix Sauce together till sugar has dissolved.

Over a medium-high heat fry the tofu until lightly cooked then take out of frying pan.

Add sauce to pan and simmer for a few minutes.

When sauce starts to caramelise add tofu back and cook for another minute before taking off.

Serve with rice and/or vegetables.

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