Monday, 6 February 2012

3 Day Juice Fast

I've been wanting to do a juice fast for ages but it never seemed to be the right time. I thought you couldn’t work or exercise etc but I was recently inspired by a blog entry about a 7 day juice fast on Easy As Vegan Pie. I'm not ready to do a 7 day fast but I did want to try do a 5 day one. Unfortunately due to some travel commitments I decided to start with a 3 day one and then do a 5 day one when I get back.
For a fast you should be using mainly vegetables at now more than a 60 veg/40 fruit ratio. Fruit is very high is natural sugar and during a fast you want to cleanse the body of these sugars.
My Everything Juice had soo many vegetables in it and yet ended up just tasting like celery juice!

Everything Juice
(makes 1.5 litres - 4x 400ml glasses)


9 carrots (top and tailed)
4 apples (cores removed)
4 oranges (skin removed)
1/2 bunch celery (including leaves)
2 large handfuls english spinach
4 zucchinis (top and tailed)
1 very large cucumber (top and tailed)


Wash all vegetables well and juice.
I have a Breville Juice Extractor which has a large opening so you don't have to chop the vegetables up.
I just juice into a small jug and then pour into a large jug.
I find the juicer much easier to clean than people make out. Most of it is just rinsing as it's only had juice in it. The actually blades and meshing you can just clean with a toothbrush.

Note: if you keep the pulp of the vegetables you can use them to make vege patties.

Juice Fast Diary

Day 1

Had Everything Juice for breakfast and dinner. Had a beetroot, carrot, ginger and parsley juice from Top Juice, Westfield Food Court, Sydney CBD. Was kind of heavy on the carrot. Felt hungry all day. Just trying to fill myself up with water and caffeine free tea (rooibos and dandelion tea). Went to bed early feeling like I was coming down with something - sore throat and flemmy.

Day 2

Felt really good today, had energy and was hungry. Still thinking about food because I love to cook and eat but not thinking about as much as yesterday. Had Everything Juice for breakfast and dinner. Had Two & Five Juice (beetroot, celery, carrot, orange and apple) from Boost, Myer Food Court, Sydney CBD. Fast must be working because boyf announced last night that I had smelly breath LOL
I've definitely notice a lot more plaque that normal on my teeth. Felt fine but had no energy.
Ran out of juice so had to make a new one with what I had in the house - was actually quite nice!;

Peach Surprise

3 peaches
4 apples
2 large handfuls english spinach
10 carrots
3 bunches asparagus

Day 3

Felt fine this morning, had less energy but don't feel hungry. Had Peach Surprise juice for breakfast and dinner and a Slimmer juice (carrot, beetroot, spinach & cucumber) from Juicer (Australia Square, Sydney). Drinking water, dandelion tea & rooibos tea in between juices.

Day 4

Had some Peach Surprise juice left so had for breakfast before going to the airport. Feel pretty good. Have lost 3kg. Not sure if my skin looks brighter or any of the other benefits people speak of but I feel good. Hopefully I'll only want to eat smaller meals from now on (yeah right!).

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