Thursday, 25 July 2013

An Adventure in Hair Colour...

Before I have to get a job and join the real world again I thought I'd do something a little bit groovy with my hair. I used all Manic Panic's range which is vegan...

To bleach the ends I did a DIY "ombre" with Manic Panics Flash Lightning Bleaching Kit. It also comes with gloves, the dish and the brush! I didn't care too much about getting gradient look because I knew I was just going to dye it other colours anyway. I definitely did not want the dip dye look and that's when youtube videos came in handy. This one in particular.

This is the wet result...

A bun, to get it to wave more...

Finished product...
It was a little more yellow that I had hoped and maybe there was a bit of brown dye left in my ends but you can get silver rinses to make it whiter. Manic Panic sell a Pasteliser which I think it meant for colours but it might work??

My first colour in was Manic Panic's Vampire Red Dyehard Temporary Hair Color

As you can see it washed out quite a bit even though I had kept it in for an hour, because it was only a temporary colour. I kind of like it looking all firey though :)

Then I put purple through, really loved this.
I used Manic Panic's Ultra Violet Classic Cream Formula.

Being a semi-permanent it came out much richer and I also left it in for 1.5 hrs.
 It looked really subtle with my dark hair. 
I had to get right under the sun just so you could see the colour in the picture.

Once the purple faded out it looked rainbowy like this which I kind of liked...

Then I put this wonderful teal blue in...Manic Panic's Voodoo Blue Classic Cream Formula.
Love it!!

Kind of faded into a mermaid green...

Waiting for the blue/green to fade out a bit (it had some staying power I can tell you!) and then went with Manic Panic's Semi-Permanent Hot Hot Pink and Ultra Violet....


  1. Awesome hair! loving the blog!

  2. How long did the woodoo blue colour stay in? :D

  3. I'm sorry Zenia, I don't remember exactly how long it lasted but I remember the blue & green lasting a lot longer than the red based dyes (pink, purple and red).
    The green lasted the longest. I think I remember the blue fading out to like a teal and then greeny blue. Felt like a mermaid ;)

  4. You did bleach your hair first right? Do you by any chance know how well it would show on unbleached hair? My hair is the same color as yours and my friend's is a light brown. (We are planning to do this together) we are thinking of doing the voodoo blue, the ultra violet or the infra red, any suggestions? One last question, did you use a shampoo/ conditioner made for colored hair or just any shampoo?

    Thank you for your time,
    Sophia <3

  5. Hi Sophia, yes I bleached mine first in an ombre style so that the colour would look different shades. If you have blonde or very light brown hair you probably wouldn't need to bleach it first but my hair is quite dark brown so it was very necessary! If your hair is light then the dark blues/purples etc will show up but if it's dark like mine then you need to bleach it unless you want it to be VERY subtle LOL
    I hope that helps?! I watched a few different YouTube videos on how to do the blonde ombre and then how to do the colours :)

  6. thanks for this! ive been undecided for what shade of blue/green ive wanted for so long. i think im set on voodoo blue