Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Homemade Bath Salts

Homemade bath salts are cheap, easy and a great gift! You can use bags or jars to store them. I love going to the thrift stores and buying cute jars. Then I just make my own labels/cards. Too easy and the personal touch is always appreciated!

Blood Orange


Homemade Bath Salts


4 cups rock salt
Essential oil of choice
Food colouring (if desired, personally I don't use it)
Herbs, spices or flowers (if desired)
Container (jar or bag)


In a stainless steel bowl pour your rock salt and add a few drops of your essential oil.
How many drops will really depend on the type of scent you're using and how strong you like the scent to be. (For example with Tea Tree I find you only need a few drops because it's so strong but when I use blood orange I tend to use around 2 Tbls).
Use latex gloves and mix through the oil with the salts until all mixed in.
Mix in your colour if you are using any - remember you only need the tiniest amount (maybe 1-2 drops) as you don't want to turn the bath coloured.
If you are adding any spices, herbs or flowers stir through last (for example dried lavendar or dried rose petals with corresponding scents or dried orange peel with blood orange).
Spoon into jar, craft bag or plastic zip lock bag.
There is no real expiry date on bath salts although the scent will fade over time.


  1. I love this! DIY gifts are my favorite. Not only do I get to add a personal touch but it appeals to my frugal side as well.