Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Weekend in Boise, Idaho

I spent last weekend with an old school friend in Boise, Idaho and I have to say it was quite a lovely place. Quite a lot going on there vegan-wise which was great. We visited the mineral hot springs, the Boise farmers markets and went out for pizza...yummy

The Boise Farmer's Markets had a great selection of gluten free/vegan delicacies. 
Guru Donuts had a few vegan donuts, unfortunately not gluten free but my friend said they were delicious! They also have a store in Boise.

The Funky Taco stand at the Boise Farmer's Markets. They have a lot of vegan/gluten free options and use local produce.

The Fat Men is a brand of organic vegan wine through the Holesinsky Winery, Idaho I found at the Boise Farmer's Markets. 

The Springs - Hot Spring Resort...so relaxing

Delicious hot vegan breakfast at Wholefoods Market.

Went for dinner at Flatbread Pizza which did a lovely gluten free vegan pizza (and has locations in Idaho and Utah). They let the kids make their own pizzas which I thought was neat.

Took a wrong turn on the way home but discovered this beautiful lookout at Twin Falls, Idaho.

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