Wednesday, 30 October 2013

No Yeast Naan Bread

This traditional Indian bread is perfect with any Indian dish. This recipe is from Bhavna's Kitchen on YouTube. Apologies for the terrible photo!!

No Yeast Naan Bread


2 cups plain flour
2 Tbls melted vegan butter
2 Tbls whisked silken tofu/vegan sour cream
1 Tbls minced Garlic
1 tsp baking powder
salt to taste
water as needed
finely chopped coriander


In a bowl, add dry ingredients and mix.
Add in butter, tofu, garlic and coriander.
Add wtaer slowly and mix into a soft dough.
Kneed till soft smooth dough. You might need to sprinkle more flour.
Cover bowl and leave on counter for around 30 minutes.
Remove and kneed for another few minutes.
Take a lemon size ball and flour before rolling.
Rolling on a metal surface is easiest.
Traditionally baked in a tan-door but if you don't have one you can bake in the oven or use a large heavy non stick pot on a high heat.
Pat the rolled out naan with water and place in pot, cover and wait for the big bubbles to appear.
Alternatively you can bake at 500F for 8 minutes on a hot stone.
Flip and bake on the other side.
Brush with melted butter or garlic and butter for Garlic Naan.

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