Saturday, 17 November 2012

DIY Marmalade Wedding Favours

My wedding in December is a very DIY affair (code for budget). For the bonbonniere I decided jam would be a nice homemade touch. I may have underestimated how long 45 jars of marmalade would take but I now have enough...even though couples have to share :)

I just used jar collected from different preserved items. The cloth was cut with pinking shears, attached with an elastic band and finished off with twine. The labels were a design from Gerson Curse on Etsy which I printed onto label paper and cut out. Recipe for the marmalade is here.

Baby one for my flower girl :)

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  1. These came out adorable! They look great with the vintage red and orange color combo! Hope you guys had a fabulous (and tasty!) wedding!