Thursday, 22 November 2012

Josophan's Fine Chocolate

For anyone in Sydney or the Blue Mountains I have such exciting news. If you haven't been into Josophan's Fine Chocolates there is a store in York Street, Sydney and one in Leura Mall.
But never fear if you live nowhere near either of those places because you can buy online from their website! Finally a chocolatier that understands that real dark chocolate is dairy free. All the chocolate is made onsite.

"Josophan’s creates extraordinary fine chocolates, using Fair Trade certified chocolates and fresh flavour infusions. No preservatives, no artificial flavours, simply fresh, naturally flavoured, extraordinarily beautiful chocolates."

Hold up you say, what's so amazing about it? Well...all of their dark chocolate is amazing and VEGAN!! Finally a place to buy really good quality dark chocolate, even one of their truffles (the Cocoa Nib Praline Truffle) is vegan (sorry no photo cause I scoffed it down in store). If I had known about this place in advance I would have used the truffles as my bonbonnaire instead of killing myself making marmalade but we live and learn!

They have dark chocoalte bars, boxed chocolates, clusters, drinking chocolate and single origin samples. I didn't know this but apparently even though those little coloured ones in the photo are all dark chocolate, they all taste different because they are single origin and each origin has a unique flavoured cocoa bean because of the soil. Things you learn! My favourite in order was blue, green, pink then yellow. There was a subtle but noticable difference definitely. The chocolate hazelnut clusters were sooooo good.

Yes, I went back the next day and bought more (don't you judge me!)

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