Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mild Eggplant & Cauliflower Curry

I adapted this recipe from Mouthwatering Vegan's recipe "My Pumpkin, Ginger & Eggplant Curry".
It's a very mild and earthy curry and doesn't over power the natural flavour of the vegetables.

Mild Eggplant & Cauliflower Curry


1 large red onion, chopped finely
5 cloves garlic, chopped finely
3 inches fresh ginger, peeled and chopped finely
1 fresh chilli, chopped finely
5 Tbsp (75 mL) olive oil
1 medium sized eggplant (aubergine), cut into medium squares
1/2 head of cauliflower, broken into florets
1 tsp coriander seeds
1½  Tbsp tomato paste
1 tsp ground cardamom powder
1 tsp curry powder (or mild if you prefer it)
1 tsp cumin powder
1 red capsicum, chopped
1 cup frozen peas
1 large tomato, cut into wedges (I used 1/2 can diced tomatoes)
¼ cup  (60 mL) water
salt to taste


Heat up the oil in a large pot ot pan on Medium, and add the eggplant and cauliflower.
Stir for a couple of minutes, and then add the onion, garlic. chilli & ginger.
Continue to stir, from time to time, on a medium heat for around 10 minutes.
Next, add the coriander seeds and the tomato paste, and mix through.
Cover, and leave to seal for a further couple of minutes (stirring occasionally).
Add the remaining ingredients, except for the tomato wedges and the water, and cover. 
Leave to simmer on a low flame for around 40 minutes (stirring occasionally).
Add the tomato wedges. If you see it is looking a little dry, add as much of the water as you need and salt to taste.
Serve with Basmati rice and pappadums.
Serves 4

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