Saturday, 8 March 2014

Time Out Glitter Bottle

I saw this idea on FB and thought it was kind of neat. I got this basic recipe from Family Sponge but they used a mason jar and I didn't really want anything glass.

The idea is when your child's been put into time out they watch the glitter swirling around the water and it settle to the bottom, given them a calming effect. Once the glitter has all settled they are out of time out, around 10 minutes.

Time Out Glitter Bottle


1 smooth plastic bottle, I used a Smart Water bottle.
2 tubes of glitter glue
1 tube of glitter
warm water
food dye (optional)


I added the glue and the glitter first and the glue settled on the bottom but then when I added more glitter (a different colour) afterwards, it ended up clumping at the top. So I guess I would say add the glitter, then the water, the the glue and screw on the lid and mix thoroughly.
Once I was happy with it I super glued the lid on...just in case.
Haven't used it yet but we had a time out this morning and it's got to be better than staring at a wall right?

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