Saturday, 29 March 2014

Vegan Japanese in Utah

I just wanted to mention two places I love in Utah for vegan/gluten free sushi.

Tona Sushi in Ogden

What's great about Tona Sushi (besides the fact that they have a sushi bar, regular seating and Japanese floor seating) is that they cater so well to vegan and gluten free, plus they have Tamari on request. I had gluten free tempura...yay!

Osaka Sushi in Layton

Osaka has 50% some rolls Mon-Thurs and 50% off ALL rolls on Tuesdays.
This one below is called the Flower Roll (which has avocado, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and cilantro with a miso dressing) and although they have a few vegetarian rolls on the menu they will make a roll however you like. PLUS they have Tamari on request.
PS The Flower Roll is not on the menu so you have to request it.

I love this place so much, here are my MANY pictures to prove it :)

The Vegetarian Roll

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