Sunday, 25 December 2011

Handmade Chocolates

These aren't strictly handmade chocolates because it's just melting and pouring but by mixing different vegan chocolates together and setting them in molds you can really make them look and taste special (and more importantly show the non-vegans we can actually eat chocolate).

Handmade Chocolates


2 blocks vegan white chocolate (I used Sweet Williams)
2 blocks vegan milk chocolate (I used Sweet Williams)
2 blocks vegan dark chocolate (I used Kinnerton)
Chocolate molds of your choice


Boil a small pot of water. Use a separate bowl for each chocolate type.
Place a heat proof bowl over the water.
Break the white chocolate up into pieces and place in bowl, stirring as it starts to melt (you may need oven mits to hold the bowl steady to avoid steam burns).
Once melted take bowl off pot and place to the side.
Repeat with other chocolates.
For marble chocolates swirl all chocolates together before spooning into molds.
For top deck chocolates place white chocolate in half the molds first, wait until set then add dark chocolate on top.
For separate chocolates add separate types to each mold.
Refrigerate till hard before removing from moulds (around 2 hours).
Once set push chocolates out of molds and refrigerate. Silicon molds work best.

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