Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Veggie Burger

Well actually it's more like a veggie toasted sandwich but still yummy. Not really much cooking required either so it's very quick. I used GF bread from Shepherd's Bakehouse.

Veggie Burger


Bread of your choice
Veggie burger patties (I used Nutrisoy Tempeh patties that were marinated in a chilli seaseme oil)
Beetroot sliced (I used tinned)
Pineapple sliced (I used tinned)
Sliced tomato
Sliced vegan cheese (I used Tofutti American Cheese Slices)
Sauce of your choice for serving


In a pan fry a small amount of oil on a medium heat and add your veggie patties. You can also do this on the BBQ.
In the open or grill toast your bread or roll on both sides.
Once one side of the veggie patties has browned flip to the other side putting the cheese slices on the upturned cooked side. Cheese will slowly melt.
If you want to fry your pinapple do it at the same time as the patties.
Once patties are ready place on burger bun followed by beetroot, tomato and pineapple (and any other salad items you like). Serve with your favourite sauce.

Note: if you use canned pineapple and beetroot make sure you drain well or your bread will get soggy.

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